Brosnihan Builders is a design-build contracting firm

that raises the bar in every aspect of residential and commercial construction. The satisfaction that comes from building beautiful structures that go beyond their functional requirements and hold to the budget, is what keeps us in the business. We maintain our standard of excellence on every job, no matter how ambitious or routine they may be. Our staff is wholly dedicated to the comfort of the client throughout the process, appreciating that the job of the client can be challenging too.

Phase One Of The Build

It begins with a design and function. Architectural drawings are created for the very practical purposes of scale and form, but they’re also a product of collaboration between client and architect. Their concurrent objective is to express a shared VISION. 

First Inspiration

Beyond the need for shelter, we have fantasies about what our home provides for us. Inspirations can come from anything; the desire to bring nature indoors or a childhood memory of a place we visited.


It's a chicken/egg relationship between vision and collaboration. Working with the architect to "orchestrate the dream" and realize a working plan is exciting and a pivotal part of the build.


With plan in hand, the vision becomes clear. Refining it is a natural part of the creative process and it just gets better with organic ideas that couldn't have been imagined in the beginning.

Once the design takes shape…

the second phase is about fulfilling the vision, through intuitive engineering and skillful craftsmanship. The precision of building structures demands administrative strength and organization as well, as in dependable schedules and accurate estimates. These are skills we’ve earned through experience and by keeping our project portfolio diverse. Yes, building is business, but we always keep sight of that “first inspiration” that guides the aesthetic. Staying true to those details and sourcing unique and even rare materials that “amaze” is something we’ve mastered over the years. Clients appreciate our resourcefulness and ingenuity.



Because we're truly building for you,

the experience isn't filled with surprises. Communication is essential throughout all stages of the project and we make that work for you and your specific routine. There are any number of arrangements to consider when staying connected and the client is always involved in choosing the modes used for exchanging information, approvals and updates. This ensures we're always moving forward and in the best direction.