How Pete Got Started... And Then Rebooted!


It's a rather unusual thing for a fifty-something guy to rediscover his passion and start a new business – doing the same thing. After 30 years of building with the larger Concept Associates, Pete felt a pull to reorganize and simplify. That was a rejuvenating shift that began a new chapter for him and the crew. And then there's grandkids... wow.


Q&A with Pete

Q: Pete, how did you end up in the westernmost part of the state?

A: Well, I grew up in College Park, MD, outside DC. After graduation from high school, I was looking for a change of pace and heard about Garrett College through a friend. The school and the area were just what I had in mind; I loved it here and decided to stay and work, in the building trades, over my summer breaks. I quickly found that it was a good fit and I was good at it, but mostly I really enjoyed the work.

Q: With respect to your personal standards, what do you think makes a project a complete success?

A: Personal reward is important, so I strive to create client relationships build their trust & confidence in me. This allows me to do my best work. I value every step of the build, from the initial meeting to the construction and the final walk-through. My ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. Their eagerness to recommend me to friends and family is, to some degree, proof of success and is always exciting and reaffirming.

Q: What’s the most gratifying part of your work? What is it about building that compels you to still be building homes after 40 years?

A: Sharing someone’s dream. I strive to make the journey as appealing as the build and, hopefully, exceed all the client’s expectations. I view each job as an “experience”, regardless of the size or scope of the work. The satisfaction comes from sharing their excitement each step of the way, coming up with custom design ideas and working with quality, unique materials to execute them.