Any Builder Loves Storage Space

The timing is right!
Over the past 30 plus years my current shop, which is 26'x 48' and my two car garage and 5 out buildings, have stored all my construction hoarding. I have trouble throwing perfectly good recyclable material away! "Someone can use it " I'd say to my children who often shop at "HomePeto" as they call it.
I have however reduced my collection as I no longer save things for the apartments I use to own. I now find that if I set it along the side of the road, items don't last long. I just feel better not destroying something which can be re-purposed.

Ok, back to the reason I'm writing! "My Barn", I call it.
38'x48' with 13' high ceilings 20'x48' second floor for a wood shop. I'm in heaven🙂

Started it a couple of weeks ago with the goal of getting it under roof in between jobs!