New Work

Here are a few recently completed homes with interesting backstories.

NOTE: We're working on complete stories  for these projects, more photos soon under PORTFOLIO.


Lake shore #1

This structure, built on a very unique lot, went from 3,000 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq ft. and gained massive outdoor living space. Re-purposing of the timber from the original street side of the house enabled a seamless transition from old to new on the more often viewed side view. hen all new material was used to extend the massive street side.   6/23/18


Lake shore #2

On the exterior, we added a garage, laundry area and a second floor living space. In the existing, central living space, we redesigned the living room/fireplace dynamic. I reworking the kitchen, we found that refinishing and staining, as opposed to replacing, the kitchen floor revealed an amazing, existing asset. The kitchen was expanded to add counter surfaces and additional eating space. 6/23/18