Dynamic Remodel

This house, in the fashionable Holy Cross community, underwent a transformation that added 1100 sq.ft., and impacted 2800 sq.ft., including the additions. Working with plans that were already coming in over budget, the client invited us to bid on the project in hopes that we could maintain a high level of aesthetic, but also reduce the cost and not sacrifice any or much of the original vision. It looked promising and we accepted the build.

After working together for a couple of weeks, we mapped out a plan and adjustments to materials and scope of work. Now the project could begin, and the necessary parts of the house were sealed off from work areas and airborne particulates.

The Kitchen Is Reinvented


Three separate additions were created on the first floor, along with a second floor area where the roof line changed. The original, second floor plumbing required re-working and a second floor bathroom was relocated, to make room for two new baths. In all, the remodel created 2 office spaces, an enlarged walk-in closet, 3 new baths, an additional bedroom and media room, along with a reconfigured, more spacious kitchen area.

A total Wash

The Deck Expands

Just fun

Whether it's inside or out, comfort is a priority, so an upgrade in the HVAC was high on the list. There's no doubt, creating zones makes for superior heating and cooling year-round. The outdoor living space also grew, with a gazebo area adding more seating and casual dining potential. A stone privacy wall surround finishes the look. Outdoor living is simple in our mild summer climate, so your home can reflect that simplicity.

Halfway there